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WOW History

In 2002 a PACE Employee Recognition Committee was established for the purpose of coordinating a program designed to recognize employees in a positive manner for exceptional and outstanding “acts” of making the College of Southern Idaho a better place to work. The “WOW” Program was implemented as a result of an effort to meet the need of employee recognition.

A business size card with “WOW” written in colorful letters on side one and the statement, “___________ was wowed (date) by (employee’s name)!” appearing on side two was created. This card was redeemable for a free coffee or soda with Aramark Food Service. It has since been changed to being redeemable for up to $1.25 in the Taylor Café, the Eagle’s Nest or the Bookstore. The person who “WOW”s an employee submits a short email to the “WOW” Committee with an explanation of the act that they feel was exceptional and why. The “WOW” Committee sends a “WOW” card with a copy of the explanation to the employee. The employee’s name is placed on a monthly list that is announced in the PACE Newsletter and also is sent in a report to the President’s office.

This program has been a success throughout the campus and is used by every department. The “WOW” card is an avenue for CSI employees to reward their peers for great internal and external customer service and to make others aware of the great things that are happening at CSI.