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WOW History

Contributors: Joyce Moore, 11/02/05; Ann Keane, 07/12/16, 05/25/17, 04/25/18

New WOW Card Front
July, 2014 - Current

New WOW Card Front July, 2014 – Current
Old WOW Card Front
April, 2002 - June, 2014

Old WOW Card Front April, 2002 – June, 2014

In 2002 during Jerry Meyerhoeffer's time as CSI President, a PACE Employee Recognition Committee was established for the purpose of coordinating a program designed to recognize employees in a positive manner for exceptional and outstanding "acts” of making CSI a better place to work. The WOW Program was implemented as a result of an effort to meet the needs of employee recognition.

There was a period of time at the very beginning when Execs and Reps were given cards to hand out on the spot to folks. There was not much record keeping or accountability with this method and it was discontinued. Joyce Moore then took care of the WOW program. After she retired Catrina Chapple started taking care of them. During this time Ann Keane started helping Catrina. With Catrina's added responsibilities of schooling and work she handed the task over to Ann completely. Ann has been taking care of it since then. Kindy Combe is on board to learn the ropes of doing the WOW program as a back-up. Ann started sending out monthly reminders asking folks if they had someone they wanted to WOW. She has since dropped it down to "every so often.”

In 2010 the Execs asked Ann to start breaking down the monthly WOWs so they would know how many faculty, staff or others were receiving WOWs. All these lists can be found on the web site.

A business size card with WOW written in colorful letters on side one and the statement, "___________ was wowed (date) by (employee's name)!” appearing on side two was created. This card was redeemable for a free coffee or soda with Aramark Food Service. It was redeemable for up to $1.25 in the Taylor Cafe, the Eagle's Nest or the Bookstore. The Food Service Provider has changed over the years. When CSI started having coffee shops they were also added to the card. Due to different name changes of the shops over the years it was decided to just refer to the coffee shop as the current coffee shop. On April 12, 2017 the Executive Committee voted to up the redeem price of the WOW card to $1.50. WOW cards have always had an expiration date of 30 days from the date on side two of the card. In November, 2017 the Execs decided to do away with the expiration date. The vendors have the option of limiting card redeems to two or three at a time.

The person who WOWs an employee submits a short email to the WOW Program Coord with an explanation of the act that they feel was exceptional and why. The WOW Coord sends a WOW card with an e-mail explaining why they were WOWed to the employee. All supervisors pertinent to that employee receive a cc of the WOW e-mail.

In the beginning monthly hard copies of the WOWs was sent to the President. During Jeff Fox's presidency, Mike Mason replaced the President as the mentor for PACE. Ann Keane made a suggestion to Mike that to save paper Mike receive a cc of the e-mail instead of the monthly hard copy. He said that would be a good idea but to still cc the President because Jeff likes to hear about the good deeds of the CSI folks. With Mike's retirement Jeff Harmon took on the reigns as mentor.

In June of 2014 Tereasa Bendele-Nichols, Design Super of the Copy Center, designed a new front for the card. She came up with 7-8 different designs and various PACE folks voted on the current design we now use.

This program has been a huge success throughout the campus and is used by every department. The WOW card is an avenue for CSI employees to reward their peers for great internal and external customer service and to make others aware of the great things that are happening at CSI. Our program is so popular that companies outside of CSI have contacted Ann Keane to find out more about it.