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Terry WoodlandTerry Woodland

Terry is always professional in her work, her appearance, her language, and her focus on what is best for CSI and the department. Her down-to-earth approach focuses on efficiency and accuracy. While she is professional, she also has a sense of humor and is easily approachable. One of Terry's great strengths is her ability to build strong relationships with people throughout CSI; her co-workers quickly learn she is a caring and genuine person that can be trusted. Terry cares deeply about the college, its students, and the people she works with. She genuinely cares about their experience at CSI.

Maritza VegaMaritza Vega

Her colleagues in the department regard Maritza as hard working, thoughtful, and always available to help. When a student walks in the front door she is often there with a smile, welcoming questions and walking students to their destination on campus. She instills the "value of education" and opens doors "for a better future" with each person she encounters. Maritza is a genuine young Latina professional who cares about our community and has a commitment to do her best to make a difference in our students and their families' lives.


Amy BarkerAmy Barker

David HoralekDavid Horalek


Naysa ShepherdNaysa Shepherd

Naysa Shepherd, Student Service Specialist for the Physical Science Department in the Evergreen Building, has been presented the 2016 CSI Classified Employee of the Year Award by CSI’s Professional and Classified Employee Organization (PACE).

Comments from co-workers:

  • Naysa is an outstanding member of our department that we rely on every single day to help us serve our students.
  • She is connected to everything happening in the department and she has been critical to the success of our projects.
  • The quality of her work, the skills and knowledge she possesses, and her professional work ethics are amazing.
  • She exemplifies the word ‘Teamwork’.

Karrie HornbacherKarrie Hornbacher

Karrie Hornbacher, Coordinator for Accelerated Learning in the Instruction & Academic Affairs Department, has been presented the 2016 CSI Professional Employee of the Year Award by CSI’s Professional and Classified Employee Organization (PACE).

Comments from co-workers:

  • From the beginning of her time here at CSI, Karrie has been a cheerful, buoyant, positive, and inspiring employee.
  • Her exceptional work ethic, kindness, knowledge and sense of humor have made it easy to enjoy being her co-worker and friend.
  • She demonstrates professionalism and integrity in her relationships with faculty.
  • One of the things I most respect about Karrie is her commitment to do what is right for students.


Ann KeaneAnne Keane

Ann Keane has been awarded the 2015 CSI Classified Employee of the Year by CSI's Professional and Classified Employee organization.

Comments from co-workers:

  • She is the heart and soul of our building, usually the first to arrive in the morning and enthusiastically greets us as we walk through the double doors.
  • She is a team player. Besides taking care of the students and employees who walk in, she is willing to help us with whatever else we are working on.
  • She loves the College of Southern Idaho and education, and attends lectures and concerts, takes classes, and continually reads and improves her mind.
  • The most notable quality she is that of an extraordinary ambassador for the College of Southern Idaho and its students. A friendly personality and caring demeanor make her approachable by students and professionals. She is a front-line employee who makes us all look better at CSI because of professional manners and remarkable customer service. In addition to being CSI’s best ambassador, other notable characteristics include dependability, admirable work ethic, and encouraging attitude.
  • She is a CSI ambassador in the community and in other parts of the campus, a strong supporter of PACE Association, has contributed many volunteer hours to CSI causes such as Arts on Tour, and is a life-long learner as evidenced by taking classes each semester at CSI.
  • She is not on time to work, but rather here approximately 45 minutes early to get things started and opened. If she sees someone without a smile, she will give them hers.

Izabella BagdasarovaIzabella Bagdasarova

Izabella Bagdasarova has been awarded the 2015 CSI Professional Employee of the Year by CSI�s Professional and Classified Employee organization.

Comments from co-workers:

  • She goes above and beyond, often answering requests after work hours or over the weekend from home. She is kind, polite and honest, and always wants to help you. CSI is so lucky to have someone like her who cares and takes the job very seriously.
  • She has integrity.  Always willing to help,she always meets the deadlines, even if it is a last minute request. Trustworthy, always respectful, courteous, and punctual, she listens very well and is very thoughtful about reaching good solutions.  She has excellent communication skills.
  • Through attending conferences, regularly participating in on-line courses and webinars, independently conducting research and testing, she constantly works to learn about the latest instructional technologies that will improve both teaching effectiveness and student learning on campus.
  • She cares deeply about every one she serves – the College, her department, faculty, staff, and her students.  She has treated everyone she has worked with over the years with respect and honesty. We have all benefited from her work ethic, her desire to learn, her compassion and kindness, her humility, and her passion for excellence.


Dawn WendlandDawn Wendland

Of the winner she epitomizes what CSI is all about, she is incredibly caring about her co-works, other employees at CSI and the students. She able to meet the needs of people before they ask or even realize what they need. Personally knows almost every single student in the department and remember details of their lives which she then uses to help figure out how best to help them. She advocates for students to make sure that others on campus who can help the student and services available are known to the student, and she is willing to make the phone call. She is always willing to stay a little late, helping with registration in the evenings or skipping lunch, shows commitment, caring frequently. She has earned her Master�s degree. A person of the highest integrity and treats everyone with respect, honest in all her dealing with other people, also very kind. She treats everyone as if they have immense value and worth. Ensures our department knows what is going on around campus and that campus knows what is going on in our department. The PACE classified employee of the year is Dawn Wendland

Merry OlsenMerry Olsen

She cares and shows energy in what she brings to the collaborative work with her CSI family. She brings job search preparation to more students every year as a result of her planning and follow-through. Her commitment shows in her continuous effort to grow professionally. She and has earned, while at CSI, her Associates, Bachelors and Master�s degrees. In addition to serving on the PACE executive board for two years, her reputation as a steady co-worker and collegial relationships throughout campus, she contributes to CSI�s mission by serving in external capacities: she has been part of the state wide organization CTEI Career Technical Educators of Idaho for years and recently completed a 3-year term of leadership in that organization. In addition she served as president of the Idaho Career Guidance association for five years, and was selected to participate Idaho PTE leadership institute, a three year activity. Her personal story informs the person she is today. She developed up from struggle, despair, hope and a desire to create a new vision and version of herself. She inspirers me (the author writes) and all of us to do the same. Please congratulate Merry Olsen.


Andrea DayleyAndrea Dayley

Andrea Dayley, the College of Southern Idaho�s Dental Clinic Manager, has been awarded the 2013 CSI Classified Employee of the Year by CSI�s Professional and Classified Employee organization. Dayley has worked at the Health Sciences Center for three years and was credited for her commitment to the office, connections with the students, and support for her colleagues.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • Andie is patient yet firm in giving students direction to become professional and reliable in patient care. Andie empathises with each student, offering them support and encouragement with kind words and a huge smile.
  • Andie has been amazing and willing to commit to the community college mission and to the success of students.
  • Andie answers patient questions regarding mailing/releasing protocol for radiographs and records. She is trusted to keep sensitive situations in her confidence.
  • Andie attended the Utah dental meeting in the spring to up date her knowledge base and skills. Managing a dental clinic, the magnitude of the CSI clinic has demanded she be trained in new software, equipment, regulations, and procedures related to the day to day operations.

Sandy WapinskiSandy Wapinski

Sandy Wapinski, the Public Services Manager for the College of Southern Idaho Library, has been awarded the 2013 CSI Professional Employee of the Year by CSI�s Professional and Classified Employee organization. Her nominators credit her with never shying away from work, creating a positive and pleasant workplace, and even providing snacks for work study students if they don�t have time for meals.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • Sandy works extremely hard to make sure that the library work study�s work schedules do not interfer at all with their school activities. Most of us have older parents that sometimes need our care, requiring time off and Sandy is right there to volunteer to help cover shifts so that time off may happen. Sandy goes out of her way to ensure all those who need help receive it in a kind and efficient manner.
  • When there is a job to be done, Sandy is always there to lend a hand. She has demonstrated her commitment to the job through nearly twenty years of loyalty to CSI and the diligence with which she handles her position.
  • Sandy is always professional, honest, and open with all aspects of her job. Sandy is very professional at alltimes, knowing policies, standards, programs and workflows needed to keep thelibrary running smoothly and efficiently.
  • When the library updated their automated system, Sandy became the go toperson on the new system and worked to learn all aspects of the system. From HR and Management training and workshops, to keeping up with the latest software, Sandy is the go-to person for department knowledge.


Ansina DurhamAnsina Durham

Ansina Durham, a library technician, received the 2012 CSI Classified Employee of the Year Award. She has worked at the college for six years and was nominated by her peers for her constant interest in students, willingness to learn new duties and her good humor.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • Is always "there" for the students and shows an interest in all students
  • Is fully invested in CSI and PACE and is a team player
  • Conducts daily business in a professional manner and is willing to learn new duties when the need arises
  • Handles stressful work demands with ease and good humor and is currently working on a Master’s Degree.

Joey HeckJoey Heck

Joey Heck received the 2012 CSI Professional Employee of the Year Award. Heck is the exhibits manager for the Herrett Center for Arts and Science. He has been with the Herrett Center for 12 years and was nominated by his peers for his diversity of knowledge, friendliness with customers and staff, and his artistic creativity.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • Is always willing to help anyone a anytime and is willing to help out and cross train in other areas of the department
  • Strives to provide a great experience at CSI for visitors
  • Is one of the nicest people, has an open mind, and has earned the trust of coworkers
  • This nominee is a jack of all trades, adept at several computer programs and never lacks for creativity


Carolyn MatsuokaCarolyn Matsuoka

Carolyn Matsuoka, student services specialist at CSI's Admission and Records Office, is the 2011 classified employee of the year. Carolyn has worked at the College for 22 years and was nominated by her peers for her cheerfulness, professionalism, and high ethical standards and she works with CSI students and her peers.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • “Carolyn always keeps what is in the best interest of each individual student at the forefront.”
  • “Carolyn knows when someone is in need of a hug or a work of encouragement.”
  • Cares about students and coworkers, demonstrates sensitivity to others, and has great communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrates commitment to CSI through dedication to students, eagerness to learn new skills, and willingness to accept additional work as needed
  • Exhibits integrity through quality of work and has earned the trust of coworkers through leadership;
  • Is knowledgeable about office policies and procedures and provides training and support to coworkers

Sharon WhitchurchSharon Whitchurch

Sharon Whitchurch, fiscal specialist with CSI's Office on Aging, is the 2011 Professional employee of the year. Sharon has worked at CSI for 3 � years and was nominated by her peers for her dedication and integrity ion the job.
Comments from co-workers:

  • “Sharon is the most dedicated employee I have ever met.”
  • “Sharon has the integrity and ethics I admire.”
  • “She has been a full-time employee for 3 1/2 years.”
  • Listens to clients and coworkers with a cheerful smile and genuine concern
  • Strives to help clients understand programs and is always willing to help coworkers with projects when needed
  • Demonstrates professionalism and high ethical standards when working with peers or clients on challenging issues
  • Continuously strives to learn new information that will help the department function better and serve the clients better


Donanna Mckinstry

Donanna McKinstry, Administrative Assistant in the College of Southern Idaho’s Planning and Grants Development department, was recently awarded the 2010 CSI Classified Employee of the Year by CSI’s Professional and Classified Employee organization. Donanna has worked at the college for 18 years and was nominated by her peers for her professional integrity, commitment to CSI’s goals, understanding of the various departments and their functions and uses that knowledge to make the department better, and her general treatment of everyone she works with everyday.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • “She is the shining example of what an employee should be.”
  • “She is not only committed to the success of her peers – she is committed to the great things that CSI has to offer and committed to our students.”
  • She is one of the most caring individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

Chani Christensen

Chani Christensen, the Veterinary Technician, in the Veterinary Technology Department, at the College of Southern Idaho, was recently awarded the 2010 CSI Professional Employee of the Year by CSI’s Professional and Classified Employee organization. Chani has worked at CSI for over three years and was nominated by her peers for her caring nature when working with students, faculty and staff, and her encouragement and support of everyone in the program.
Comments from co-workers and students:

  • “She is an excellent role model for all of us to follow. She is dedicated to our students.”
  • “She’s the one you want with you in the trenches for sure.”
  • “She is always in a mental mode of “continuous improvement” for our program.”


Rae Jean Larsen

Rae Jean Larsen, Student Services Specialist in the College of Southern Idaho's Health Sciences and Human Services departments, was recently awarded the 2009 CSI Classified Employee of the Year by CSI's Professional and Classified Employee organization. Larsen has worked at the college for 11 years and was nominated by her peers for her patience, understanding, and professional skills in dealing with students, instructors, and the public.

Kate Woods

Kate Woods, the Career Readiness Facilitator at the College of Southern Idaho, was recently awarded the 2009 CSI Professional Employee of the Year by CSI's Professional and Classified Employee organization. Woods has worked at CSI for three years and was nominated by her peers for the enthusiasm and cheer she shares with students and co-workers.


Marjorie Bernier

  • Treats each student with love and respect and always goes the extra mile to help everyone in the department
  • Is committed to the service that is given at CSI � to students, faculty and staff
  • Is honest and encouraging
  • Knowledgeable of the workings of CSI and can quickly and professionally answer questions
Comments from co-workers
    • �Hardly a day goes by that I do not see her approach a student to offer assistance.�
    • �She is always part of the team.�
    • �She is the epitome of the CSI �family.�
    • �Her dedication to students is admirable and an example for all of us.�
    • This employee has been employed at CSI for 15 years

Chris Anderson

  • Cares about the public and always goes the extra mile
  • Commits time well beyond required work
  • Makes and keeps commitments to fellow employees and the community and enhances CSI�s image in the community
  • Has a vast array of knowledge and experience and is eager to share it with others
Comments from co-workers
    • �He cares - about the people he serves, works with and for.�
    • �His commitment to this facility is immense.�
    • �He is a team player who treats everyone with respect.�
    • �He is an asset to the community.�
    • This employee has been employed at CSI for 13 years


Kim Taylor

  • Is kind to everyone, treats everyone with respect, and demonstrates a friendly positive attitude to CSI students
  • Is reliable and dependable and strives to complete every project in a timely manner and at the highest quality possible
  • Generates ideas and procedures to make the department run more efficiently to better serve the students
  • Strives to be knowledgeable of the many CSI courses and programs in order to assist students with questions
Comments from co-workers
    • "She is a true team player and is very easy to work with.�
    • �She is truly one of the most caring people I�ve ever met.�
    • �She is committed to helping our students succeed.�
    • �She represents the pinnacle of integrity and professionalism."
    • This employee has been employed at CSI for 5 years

Carol Carlile

The employee selected for the 2007 PROFESSIONAL Employee of the year
  • Takes care of students and colleagues with kindness, a caring attitude, and treats everyone as equal
  • Works one on one with colleagues as well as students, never sending anyone away without the complete knowledge and understanding of what their needs are and how they can succeed in their endeavors
  • Exhibits high standards of professionalism and strictly abides by CSI confidentiality rules and regulations
  • Demonstrates complete knowledge in job performance and is a highly efficient and effective employee
Comments from co-workers
    • �I have complete trust in her and that she will do what she says and that it will be done well and complete.�
    • �She wants the students, faculty, and staff to succeed in all their endeavors.�
    • �She considers colleagues and students her friends, and believes in them.�
    • This employee has been employed at CSI for 34 years


Connie Stout

Connie has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho for 20 years. She Is a caring dependable employee who serves the needs of faculty, staff, and students with a selfless and compassionate demeanor. She does her "job" well but goes far beyond in providing a caring and trusting environment. She keeps the office alive and healthy. She is always looking for what she can do to help. Following are comments by her peers:

  1. Goes the extra mile and is committed to making CSI a better place by helping faculty, staff and students with various projects and problems when they arise.
  2. Projects a professional image to everyone that visits the office and maintains a discreet and professional attitude when handling confidential information.
  3. Connie is adept in all the skills required for the position and always goes far beyond to provide assistance to anyone needing help.
  4. She is always there for support.
  5. She is a rock, glue, and sunlight all at once in our building. I don�t know what we�d do without her!
  6. She always has a smile, always a kind word.

Magan Hodge

Magan has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho for 7 years. She gives time freely to help others, and is committed to making CSI a better place for faculty, staff and students by volunteering on committees and helping out in other departments when the need arises and encourages colleagues to do the same. Below are comments from her peers.

  1. Magan believes in working hard for the institution and lives life every day doing the right thing.
  2. She lives her life every day doing the right thing, even if it isn�t easy.
  3. She is a knowledgeable, dependable employee who completes assignments and duties of the position in a timely manner.
  4. She works on self-improvement continuously, is very active in church, and participates in many different committees on and off campus.
  5. She believes in truth -- even if it isn�t popular.
  6. She passes on to others the ability to step forward and make a difference with her caring attitude.


Tina Standlee

Tina has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho in the Business office for 16 years. Tina is always willing to go the extra mile for co-workers, students, faculty, and administration. She will drop whatever it is she is doing to work on somebody else�s request or concern. She not only helps out, but also is very happy to do so and always has a positive attitude. During fall registration she covers in the Matrix and is always very concerned about people being too busy and getting much needed breaks. Following are comments by her peers:

  1. Tina has been instrumental in the development and continued growth of PACE. She is a very valuable resource to PACE and has spent many hours of her own time fostering the growth of this organization.
  2. She is by far the most dedicated employee of CSI I know. Tina goes the extra mile for the departments around her. She has received the �Golden Eagle� award from Head Start for her outstanding work ethic and willingness to help out.
  3. Tina is one of the most honest and caring people I have ever known.
  4. She has demonstrated to many of us who have worked with her that any job worth doing, is worth doing right.
  5. She has always displayed the greatest moral and ethical character.
  6. Tina has been a power force behind e-payments for the Business Office.
  7. Tina has brought pride and recognition to not only herself, but CSI as well, by being the person she is.

Ned Vaughn

Ned was hired as CSI’s Director of Counseling in 1983. During his tenure, he has been instrumental in at least two reconfigurations of the Counseling Center. First, Ned helped consolidate the technical and academic counseling services into an integrated unit. Second, Ned played a primary role in the transformation of our office from a ‘ Counseling Center’ into an ‘ Advising Center’. Below are comments by Ned’s peers:

  1. Ned does not point fingers if he comes across information that is inaccurate, he is quick to rectify the problem and get everyone involved and on the same page to go forward.
  2. Ned is almost always at work before 8:00 and rarely leaves before 5:00. His concern is about giving accurate advising to students and would never leave them hanging to punch out on time.
  3. Anyone who has much contact with Ned knows what an honorable person he is. He has very strong morals and ethics, which he displays in everything he does.
  4. Ned has served as a mentor to each member of the Advising Center. I sometimes joke with other members of the department about ‘WWND’ (What would Ned do?). In other words, his guidance has been so crucial in the development of all the personnel in our office that my hope is that if others can anticipate and emulate what they believe he would do in a given situation, they will not be far off track. This stems from the honest, forthright manner in which Ned handles himself combined with the solid judgment he displays in even the most emotional of situations.
  5. When someone mentions Ned to me my description of him is he's a man that has integrity, morality, a high work ethic, respectful of everyone and would never ask someone to do something that he hasn't done himself. He has devoted his skills and expertise to CSI and truly deserves to be Employee of the year!


Caralee Perry

Caralee has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho for 11 years. She has worked in several different departments on campus starting with a position in the Canyon Building and then moving to her current position with the Science Department in the Evergreen building. Caralee is an active employee here at the College. Here are a few of the things that she is involved in.

  1. High level of dedication to the staff, students and faculty of CSI.
  2. She continues to take classes that will further her skills as well as personal growth.
  3. Always has a very high level of professionalism.
  4. One comment about Caralee was “she has made my transition into teaching at CSI a smooth experience.”
  5. She is always available to work on extra projects for example: Science Expo, Science Camp, Idaho Academy of Science, Physical Science Magic Shows, PACE representative and many other miscellaneous projects.
  6. Working on these many different projects she is in contact with many outside businesses, she always works with high accuracy and professionalism.

Caralee is an outstanding employee. She is always ready for a challenge. She is one of the people here at the College that makes working here such a pleasure.

Joyce Moore

Joyce Moore has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho for 22 years. With hard work and determination she has advanced over the years to her current position as Associate Director of Financial Aid. Joyce is an active employee here at the College. Here are a few of the things that she is involved in:

  1. Strong dedication and work ethics.
  2. Always working for the student to make sure they get the best service possible.
  3. Stays current on Federal rules and regulations.
  4. Has helped set up programs here at the College including the following:
        Customer Service Training (Training set up for PACE)
        WOW program (PACE program)
        Employee of the Year (PACE program)
  5. Community activities Joyce has participated in over the years include:
        I’m going to College (Work with 6 th graders from Twin Falls County)
        Twin Falls Work Center (Tutored inmates to receive GED)
  6. Education has always been a big part of Joyce’s life. She has completed the following:
        1987 Associate of Arts -- College of Southern Idaho
        1995 Bachelor of Science – Idaho State University
        1999 Certificate of Completion – NASFAA Leadership Conference
        2004 Master of Science – Idaho State University

Joyce is one of those employees’s that will go the extra mile, always. She is a great asset to the College of Southern Idaho.


Janet Jensen

Janet has been an employee with the College of Southern Idaho for 31 years. She has worked in the Business Office and has witnessed the many changes that this institution has gone through over the years. Some of the things Janet has been involved in over the years are as follows:

  1. She consistently demonstrated high job performance and professionalism.
  2. She has helped develop and implement various programs and procedures that provide an efficient way for all departments and student endeavors to be handled quickly and efficiently.
  3. She is able to learn new systems with very little if no training. She is a self starter.
  4. She is a caring and compassionate individual who will go above and beyond for the students and the employees of CSI.
  5. When upgrades for our computer software are loaded onto the system, she is the one that works with the outside vendors to make sure that everything is in running order.
  6. She works directly with her fellow co-workers, staff, faculty, and outside vendors in a very professional manner.
  7. She is instrumental in organizing the flow of dispersing the financial aid checks for students each semester.
  8. As-well-as being a good employee she is involved in the care of her parents. While also seeing staying active in the lives of her son and his family, her nephews, and fellow neighbors.

Janet is an employee that is very loyal to the college. Since her position is more “behind the scenes,” she rarely gets personal recognition. She contributes in a big way to the overall success of the college by making the administration, faculty and staff look good.

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris has been an employee sense 1990 working with the Biology Department as a Lab Aide. Sarah is recognized by her character and moral fiber. She continually shows a positive influence on the Biology Department.

The following are some of Sarah’s accomplishments over the years:

  1. She is a mentor for many of the Biology students. She is always encouraging the students and really enjoys interacting with them.
  2. She has received her Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Bard Graduate School of Environmental Studies in New York.
  3. She has participated in the following activities:
    • Training workshop for faculty on laboratory safety.
    • Maintains equipment records and service manuals
    • Substitutes for faculty
    • Teaches Kids for College, Science Camp and Science TREK.
    • Develop, find resources, coordinate, and teach field-oriented classes.
    • Continues to up-grade her skills by reading periodicals in the biology area as well as continuing to take professional development classes through the ITC program.
    • Previous Executive Committee Member of PACE
  4. She is a member of:
    • IdEEA ( Idaho Environmental Education Association)
    • IAS ( Idaho Academy of Science)
    • NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)
    • Nature Conservancy
    • Audubon Society
    • People for Pets of the Magic Valley
    • LOASA (local chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society)
  5. She has brought distinction to the College of Southern Idaho by creating the highest quality of service for faculty, staff, and students.


Dan Daggett

  1. He has helped make our mission-critical web-based resources widely available, user-friendly, and accessible.
  2. Moral and ethical character is important. He works in a job where he is responsible for systems that are mission critical for the College and that have sensitive information.
  3. There is nothing better than having competent and trustworthy employees. He is someone I can rely on.
  4. He pitches in willingly to help with many projects that do not fall under his responsibilities. He is a good team player.
  5. Some of his accomplishments include:
    • redesigned the CSI Web site
    • helped others update their Web pages
    • trained faculty and staff
    • participated as a representative in PACE
    • chaired the Web Committee
    • helped CSI create and maintain the online Directory
    • helped create the CSI online catalog
    • maintained the CSI Web server and the Blackboard server
    • ensures the security of our systems

Sheila Hope Palmer

  1. She was a staff interpreter for the deaf for eighteen years, test proctor for two yeas in ADC, and has served as a Disability Support Facilitator for five years
  2. She has shown a lifetime of dedication to the College of Southern Idaho by always accepting new responsibilities and paving the road for those who are following her steps
  3. She is a pioneer in her field of work and has met all challenges that have been set in front of her.
  4. She touches the life of every student that enters the disability support staff office and makes them feel welcome and able to succeed in their college career.
  5. She has participated in the following activities:
    • networked with the disabled population locally, statewide, and nationally.
    • assisted in workshops in Idaho, Alaska, and California
    • taught sign language courses for “College for Kids” at CSI
    • mentored new interpreters in the deaf community
    • became the first evaluator for certification of interpreters in the State of Idaho
    • worked as a community interpreter in many settings
    • received a lifetime achievement award for the Idaho registry for Interpreters for the Deaf
  1. She has brought distinction to the College of Southern Idaho by creating the highest quality of services for the disabled student population and working as a team leader with the rest of the disability staff.