I want to thank you all for a great school year even though we were challenged with many fiscal problems. I recognize that without your willingness to maintain a positive state of mind this could have been a very difficult year.

We have received our appropriation from the Idaho State Legislature and Governor Kempthorne. I want to acknowledge our delegation and Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, and Governor Kempthorne for doing their best to maintain a quality higher education system. Our appropriations include a 2.1% increase in funding for both Community college and professional technical programs. In addition, we did receive bonding authority and will begin construction on the Fine Arts Addition sometime this summer. The Governor also included in his recommendation support for maintaining our health insurance at its current levels and the legislature did pass a bill to that effect. It is our understanding that currently, negotiations are under way which would alter our current insurance program from two options to a single plan. We hope to have all that information in the very near future. The one negative is that we have been informed by the Governor to expect a Ďvoluntaryí holdback this year.

We are under way with writing contracts for the 2003-04 academic school year and hope to have those in the mail by May 23rd. As you are aware, the Governor and the Legislature did not fund or recommend salary increases for the second straight year. We are seriously concerned about this issue and have indicated to both the Governor and the Legislature that quality educational experiences are the result of our entire campus community and their morale is critical to our success.

Again, I want to thank you for your efforts in behalf of our students and wish you a joyous summer free from stress and worry.

PACE would like to welcome...

Melissa Joelson

In January of 1997, I came to C.S.I. to volunteer as an aide in an Adult Basic Education ESL class, and fell in love with teaching second language learners. Iíve been a part-time ESL instructor since August of that year, and Iím happy now to have a more active role in our program as a coordinator. My ABE colleagues are extraordinary people, and itís a pleasure to work with them in the C.S.I. community. I have an A.A. in Sociology from C.S.I., and a B.A. from B.S.U. in English, with linguistics emphasis, and will begin a masterís degree program in adult education this summer.

Robert Wilkinson

I am a graduate of Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington where I received my A.A degree as a Lineman. I have been employed in the cable and satellite industry for the past seven years. I am married and have two children. In my free time I enjoy the outdoors, in particular, spelunking. I am a trip coordinator and treasurer for the Silver Sage Grotto.


March 2003:

Janet Jensen ∑ Business Office
Kim Taylor ∑ Advising Office
Sylvia Jensen ∑ Continuing Education
Shonna Parson ∑ Office of Instruction
Larrianne Rodriguez ∑ Office of Instruction
Christy Jerke ∑ Office of Instruction
Kathy Janson ∑ Office of Instruction
Ron Shopbell ∑ Office of Instruction
Bob Moulson ∑ Computer Center
Dan Scrimppsher ∑ Computer Center
Bev Harper ∑ Records
Dawn Orr ∑ Business Office
Lamont Turner ∑ Network Analyst
Ron Shopbell ∑ Office of Instruction
Ken Degner ∑ Maintenance
Paul Degner ∑ Maintenance
Ginger Nukaya ∑ Gym
Ann Flannery ∑ Coordinator of Student Disability


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