The last two weeks we have had a number of potential students visit our campus. I know this usually causes each and every one of you a little more work, but again, these are hopefully our students of the future, so they are important to each and every one of us. If you have a chance, stop and introduce yourself to one of these visitors and let them truly understand how student oriented we really are.

I know each of you are, as I have been, watching the events that are transpiring with this year's legislative session. Due to the delay caused by fiscal issues, whether to cut additional funds or to raise taxes, we will probably not be in a position to issue contracts until May. However, I want each of you to know that we are represented in Boise by quality individuals who recognize the value of the College of Southern Idaho to our region; therefore, you can be assured that what ever happens, we will be treated in a fair manner.

Since this is spring break, all of us will have an opportunity to catch up since our students and faculty will be on vacation. It is my intent to close the campus Friday at 1:00 so that we can all enjoy some free time and prepare for the return of the students next week.
Pray for our troops in Iraq.

PACE would like to welcome...

Wendy Davis

I am the new Assistant Director of Student Information. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from The Colorado College and a Master's Degree in Special Education from Idaho State University. I come to CSI after 4+ years as the Director of the Jerome Recreation District. I grew up in Twin Falls and am really excited to be back working Twin Falls and at the College of Southern Idaho.

Olenka Paredes

I am pleased to have the opportunity to become a member of this great institution. The staff at the College of Southern Idaho are wonderful people to work with. I obtained my Associate’s Degree from CSI and continued my education at Idaho State University. In May of 2002, I earned a BBA with a major in Finance and a minor in International Commerce from ISU. In pursuing my degree, I also successfully completed a number of marketing courses because of my interest in combining that field with my major interests. Thank you CSI for giving me the opportunity to accomplish my dreams!!!!



Bob Beauregard · Telecommunications
David Olsen · Telecommunications
Leo Malberg · Telecommunications
Bruce Nukaya · Telecommunications
DK Miller · Telecommunications
Ellouise Gebauer-Atkins · Student Health Center
Jennifer Zimmers · Financial Aid Office
Bill Peters · Security
Bob Moulson · Computer Support
Melanee Hutchinson · Disability Support
Linda Roberts · Istructor Tech Support
Larry Tate · Maintenance
Page Geske · Office on Aging

P. A. C. E. The “WOW” Card Program has been very successful during the 2002! P.A.C.E. is happy to be a part of recognizing CSI employees who has gone the extra mile to provide “excellent” customer service to co-workers, students, and parents. This non-discriminating special award goes to those who exhibit excellent customer service beyond the norm. A grand total of 182 CSI employees were “WOW’d” during 2002. Awareness of “good things” going on at the College of Southern Idaho surfaced as we received recommendations from all over campus. Congratulations! We are starting a new year and are asking that you be on the lookout for co-workers who provide first-class customer service at the College of Southern Idaho. If you witness such an event, either contact your P.A.C.E. representative or send an e-mail to reporting the details of the customer service event. P.A.C.E. will present a “WOW” card to the CSI employee. The “Wow” card is redeemable for one free coffee or soda in the CSI Eagles Nest or Taylor Cafeteria. We appreciate your help in recognizing the people that are making a CSI a positive place to work. If you have any questions about the “Wow” card, please feel free to contact me at Ext. 6276.


Leadership and Supervision Training
- Attend one or all sessions -

Who should attend:

· Any employee interested in any of the topics. Attend to learn new information or to brush up on the latest information. Life's a teeter-totter. The answers for yesterday's human resource questions have changed!


· Wednesdays, 11:30am to 1:00,
see dates below for specific classes


TAB 277

4/9/03 Performance Improvement, Evaluations, Documentation and Firing
TAB 277
5/7/03 Motivating employees and building teams with quality leadership skills or "I wanna' have fun!"
TAB 277
11:30 - 1:00
Starting with the basics: how do I motivate myself and become a part of an energized team and then how do I get the others to be as energized? Brought to you by the FSDC, PACE and HR. Facilitated by Barbara Knudson, Judy Thom and Dannette Starr, & Shannon Palmer.



To purchase please contact
Tina Standlee
Magan Ruffing
Joan Drown
Eldora Walker
Christy Jerke
Ann Keane



Ann Flannery 732-6250
Bev Harper 732-6239
Chris McManaman 732-6266
Christy Jerke 732-6282
Dannette Starr 732-6270
Kat Powell 732-6680
Sarah Harris 732-6813
OR CALL YOUR AREA PACE REP Ann Keane, Caralee Perry, Catrina Chapple, Christy Ure, Deb Mittlestadt, Ginger Nukaya, Jan Pollard, Joan Davies, Joan Drown, Larrianne Rodriguez, Linda Roberts, Lucy Fait, Mary Ann Blick, Steve Rivas, Svetlana Schuckert, Teresa O'Dell, Marc James, Earl Casper, Gabe Kleinkopf, Shannon Palmer,