Looking forward to speaking to all of you at the August in-service.

Hats Off to PACE

You Make the Difference, So Pay It Forward

Hats off to PACE for well planned, well hosted and well attended

Training Days! Everything from magic wands to life circles in just one day. A hunt, some ropes and a trail took us exploring the far reaches of the campus and thought provoking presenters took us inside ourselves to see the so many ways that we make the difference.

At the close, our keynote speaker, Dr. Janet Mills, left us with some homework we feel all should know more about. Be on the lookout for silver coins to show up when someone notices the difference you are making here at CSI. When you receive one of these coins you have three responsibilities:

Take a moment to enjoy the idea that your work has been noticed by someone and that clearly you do make the difference.

Take a second moment to notice the work of someone else. The idea is not to hang on to the coin for more than 24 hours. Make the time to notice the work of another CSI staff, faculty or administration and pay it forward.

Place the coin in their mailbox or on their chair or desk. The idea is to make the recognition anonymous. The difference we make is not just noticing from an individual. The difference we make ripples out across the campus and impacts each of us.

We want to see how long and how far our coins can reach. Those of us who took the coins from the baskets on Friday need to get them out in circulation. The meaning of a coin and its meaning for each of us grows every time it is used to pay it forward.

PACE Executive Committee

PACE would like to welcome...

Joy Karavedas

Office Specialist
CSI Foundation, ext 6249
Replacing Karon Myers

My name is Joy Karavedas and I'm the latest addition to the CSI Foundation staff. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Business Administration and have worked for the last several years as an Academic Advisor at a private high school in Southern California. My family moved to Twin Falls last year and we absolutely love the area. I've heard so many wonderful and exciting things about CSI, and I'm thrilled to get the chance to be a part of it all.

Marla Ramos

Office Specialist
Canyon 105, ext. 6300
Replacing Rose Wood

I moved with my husband to Gooding 2 years ago. We came here from Texas. It has been a interesting experience for me. I have enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places. I am looking forward to working at CSI. My hobbies include reading, crafts, and camping.

Jolene Nannini

Student Advisor
Replacing Ann Ferrell

I am honored to have obtained the position of Student Advisor. For the past three years, I have been employed in the Academic Development Center in the Adult Basic Education Department as an Instructor and an Educational Consultant. My educational background includes a BS in Physical and Health Education from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and an AAAS from Walla Walla Community College. My husband, Clay, is an owner of Westerra Real Estate Group in Twin Falls. We have a one-year old son, Michael, and a new edition coming in November.

Rebecca Sommer

ACT Marketing Specialist

I am the new Marketing Specialist for the ACT Center. I earned a BS/BA in Marketing from the University of South Alabama. I am a Twin Falls native and am very excited to be here at CSI. On my free time I enjoy showing my horses on a national level, being outside and traveling.

Vicki Stearns

Office Manager
Health Sciences & Human Services
Aspen Building, Ext. 6700
Replaces Emilee Maughan

I have worked most of my life in the legal field and so the Health Sciences & Human Services is a new area for me. However, I am looking forward to learning all about it. Emilee's "shoes" are going to be hard to fill but I hope I can eventually come close. Single with two grown boys and 5 grandchildren I live on 5 acres north of Twin and all of this keeps me very busy. Born and raised in Southern Idaho. I am excited about working at CSI

Val Ward

Coordinator, Testing Center
ADC #239, ext. 6569
Replacing Anissa Voss

After spending 15 years as Office Manager of the Magic Valley Family YMCA, I returned to school. I have been a student at CSI for three years and have recently graduated with Associate of Applied Science degrees in Networking Support and Computer Support. I have two grown sons, one is at the University of Florida and one is married with a new baby boy. In the past three years at CSI I have made a lot of great friendships and I am excited that I will still be at CSI to continue those acquaintances. I am looking forward to working with all the faculty and staff at CSI.

Teresa O Dell

Office Specialist, HSHS
Aspen 164, ext 7601
Replacing RaeJean Larsen

I have enjoyed working in the Business Office as an account technician for the past three years. I am now looking forward to learning a new position as an office specialist in the Health Sciences & Human Services department. I am married with 2 small boys and I enjoy traveling.

Karon Myers

Administrative Assistant (New Position)
Human Resources, Taylor Building

I have enjoyed working as an Office Specialist for the CSI Foundation in the Planning & Development office for the past four years. I am now looking forward to my new position as Administrative Assistant to Barbara Knudson in the Human Resource Office. I am happily married. My hobbies include sewing, traveling and reading.


June 2003:



Linda Roberts Aspen

Rhonda Sexton Maintenance

Anissa Voss Testing Center

Janet Packer Testing Center

Linda Henderson Testing Center

Marilyn DiMaggio Testing Center

Pam Nukya Testing Center

Polly Barker Testing Center

Bob Shiffler Maintenance

Evanna Flynn Maintenance

Dave Slimp Maintenance

Guy Ramsey Maintenance

Merlin Blake Maintenance

Steve Poppino Maintenance

Carolyn Turner Taylor

Ann Flannery Taylor

Kat Powell CND

Catrina Chapple CND

Lucy Fait Meyerhoeffer

Chris McManaman Taylor

Joyce Moore Taylor

Steve Rivas Fish Hatchery

Rachel Bookstore

Kim Taylor Taylor/Advising Center

Karen Griffith Taylor

Chris McManaman Taylor

Jennifer Zimmers Taylor


The idea of a student services center arose with the recognition that CSI should give building priority to a student union building. The College realized that students could be offered an enhanced learning experience delivered through an activity center.
As of this moment, if there is any recruiting advantage by way of an activities center it might well belong to CSI. The addition to the Taylor Building now under construction will offer an exciting variety of student focused activities. The construction is funded entirely by student fees and money donated through the CSI Foundation. Student clubs will have spacious quarters, the student senate and student body officers will have offices located in the heart of the building. Dining will include special offerings as well as “grab and go”. Conference rooms and study areas pervade the building. There is a meditation room. The College takes a significant step forward by providing wireless technology throughout the new as well as the existing spaces of the building.
In step with the student focus of the student union is the area that goes by the name “Matrix”. Its origin dates to discussions some four years ago involving CSI Administrators led by Mike Mason, Vice President of Finance. They researched and developed the idea of a service center in the new building that would consolidate, to the greatest extent possible, the services needed by a student enrolling at CSI.
The Student Services Matrix Center therefore houses the services provided by the Departments of Financial Aid, Admissions and Records and the Advising Center. Two recruiters from New Student Information Services will also be located in the Center. A student will be able to obtain help with practically all of the enrollment process in the Matrix with the exception of testing which remains in the Academic Development Center in the Meyerhoeffer Building.
The model for the Matrix Center is one that employs a combination of generalists and specialists. Located in the middle of the Matrix Center are enrollment assistants who will work with students to handle all routine matters of registration and payment of fees. For students who need specialized advice, the specialists in each of the Departments will be available also in the Center to resolve issues.
So, what’s in a name? Why “Matrix”?
“Matrix” means something that encourages development and growth. It also means a bed of material that gives protection or absorbs a force. (MSN.Com Dictionary/Encarta, “Matrix”) The CSI “Matrix” encourages development and growth while offering protection. Reflected in the Matrix name is the culture of the College that offers the best possible learning environment for students while providing its celebrated personalized nurturing. The logo is comprised of pieces that in the aggregate embody the departments of student services. When fitted together the pieces create an interlocked entity. The Departments of Student Services have long planned for the time that the services each offers the student can be aggregated into a convenient area of service.
Students will find food, fun, friends as well as meditation and studying opportunities in the new Student Union. They will also find the Matrix to be a convenient friendly and warm space in which to access services that truly promote growth and development.
Curtis Eaton

Ann Flannery 732-6250
Bev Harper 732-6239
Chris McManaman 732-6266
Christy Jerke 732-6282
Dannette Starr 732-6270
Kat Powell 732-6680
Sarah Harris 732-6813



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