Last week we had an opportunity to share the College of Southern Idaho's successes with the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee of the Idaho Legislature. We presented a program that emphasized the number of Magic Valley citizens we impact and how we accomplished this goal in an economical manner. We encouraged them to fund our health insurance so as not to decrease our current benefits. In addition, we lobbied for the bonding of college buildings, which would allow us to construct the Fine Arts Building addition. This bonding would stimulate Idaho's economy and does not require any additional tax-it is revenue from dedicated funds.

I know they are aware of our accomplishments and were very complimentary, but at the same time were cautious as to what funding might be forthcoming. I appreciate your support of the Governor's budget recommendation and have informed him of that fact.

It is my hope that the legislature does make the decision to support at least some increase for CSI. We have expressed our deep concern that with no salary dollars provided and a reduction in health insurance benefits, we are expecting our employees to carry a significant burden of our states' economic woes.

I want you to know that we are trying to do our best for you and I hope you have a very successful semester.

PACE would like to welcome...

Coordinator of Student Information Student Information Office BA from University of Idaho and Graduate work at Idaho State University in Human Resource. I am a Twin Falls native and fifth generation Idahoan. I enjoy kayaking, boxing, hunting, fishing, and life.

I grew up in Eden, Idaho and went to school at Valley High. I graduated from Ricks College in Data Processing and started working at ISU in the Admissions Office. After about 5 years there, our family moved to Farmington, UT. We decided to move back to the Eden/Hazelton area in 1996, and just moved here to Twin Falls last summer. My husband, Gary works for the State Probation and Parole office. We have 3 girls and a boy. We enjoy camping together and visiting friends in our motorhome. I am excited to be working here at CSI along with my mother, Connie Hardy.


January 2003

Gabe Kleinkopf · Maintenance
John Martin · Records Office
Bruce Bennett · GRM/ADC
John Hughes · GRM/ADC
Ann Keane · Academic Development
Ima Head · Maintenance
Derek Thomas · ITC
Dan Daggett · ITC
Tina Standlee · Business Office
Ann Flannery · Disability Services
Bev Harper · Records Office
Megan Ruffing · Business Office
Cindy Flowers · Maintenance
Katie Cutler · ARTEC
Joyce Moore · Financial Aid Office
Dan Daggett · ITC
Joan Drown · Copy Center
Sue Wood · Child Care Center
Kat Powell · CND
Caralee Perry · Phys Science
Deb Mittlestadt · Expo Center
Svetlana Schuckert · Fine Arts
Ann Keane · GRM/ADC
Ginger Nukaya · Gym
Lou McManaman · Herrett’s Museum
Sandy Wapinski · Library
Christy Jerke · Facilities Use
Lavonne Albers · Maintenance
Terry Parks · Maintenance
Annette Bragger · Burley Office
Eldora Walker · Office on Aging
Kathy Van Castern · Refugee Center
Jan Pollard · Shields
Karen Griffith · Financial Aid
Tama Bolton · Advising
Jan Mittleider · Gym
Derek Thomas · ITC
Dan Daggett · ITC
Sheila Palmer · Disability Services
Janet Jensen · Business Office
Lyle Bloxham · Burley
Machelle Doolittle · Financial Aid

P. A. C. E. “Wow” cards can be handed out to any CSI employee who has gone the extra mile to provide “excellent” customer service to another person, co-worker, or student. This is a non-discriminating, special award that should go to those who exhibit excellent customer service that is beyond the norm. As a representative, if you witness such an event you will provide that CSI employee a card with their name, the date, and your signature. The “Wow” card is redeemable for one free coffee or soda in the CSI Eagles Nest or Taylor Cafeteria. The representative who hands out the “Wow” card is responsible for reporting the details of the “excellent” customer service event by emailing the name of the person and a description of the event to It is our desire to reward great customer service efforts and pass the information on to the President office via the PACE organization. We appreciate your help in recognizing the people that are making a CSI a positive place to work. If you have any questions about the “Wow” card, please feel free to contact me at Ext. 2276.


Brown Bag Workshops

Who should attend:

  • Any employee interested in any of the topics.  Attend to learn new information or to brush up on the latest information. Life’s a teeter-totter. The answers for yesterday’s human resource questions have changed!


  • Wednesdays, 11:30am  to 1:00, see dates below for specific classes


  • TAYLOR 277



2/12/03 American Disability Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Sick Leave. TAB 277  11:30-1:00

Confused? So are a lot of folks.  See how case law is defining these acts and what that means to you.


3/12/03 The Hiring Process – It’s changed! TAB 277 11:30-1:00

Review the latest in the process and the paperwork.


4/9/03 Performance Improvement, Evaluations, Documentation and Firing TAB 277 11:30-1:00

It’s everyone’s job!   


5/7/03 Motivating employees and building teams with quality leadership skills or “I wanna’ have fun!” (time and place TBA)

Starting with the basics: how do I motivate myself and become a part of an energized team and then how do I get the others to be as energized?


Brought to you by the FSDC, PACE and HR. Facilitated by Barbara Knudson, Judy Thom and Dannette Starr.






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Ann Keane



Ann Flannery 732-6250
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Chris McManaman 732-6266
Christy Jerke 732-6282
Dannette Starr 732-6270
Kat Powell 732-6680
Sarah Harris 732-6813