Presidents Corner September 2004

Welcome back to what we hope will be a very exciting year. Our enrollment is up, the parking lots are overfilled, and we are all experiencing increased work loads. Isnt it GREAT!! It is considerable better than the alternative.

I am sorry that I was not able to be with you at the PACE In-service on September 14th. I was given the opportunity to spend time with the 116th Brigade who is currently undergoing training at Fort Bliss Texas before being deployed to Iraq. We have a number of CSI students who are members of the guard and I had an opportunity to meet and talk to couple of these young men. They have been undergoing intensive training in temperatures ranging to 115 degrees and on many days they are involved for 18 hours.
Those of you who have loved ones, friends, or acquaintances should be very proud of these young men and women and the dedication they are exhibiting. As for myself, I came away with an immense feeling of pride and respect for their sacrifices.

One of the key issues we are discussing this fall has a direct impact on our staff. We are considering, as a few schools in Idaho are already doing, going to a four-day work week during the summer. This would involve longer hours Monday through Thursday with a three-day weekend. We are just at the initial stages of investigating this change, so we encourage you to share your thoughts on this issue with your PACE representatives.

I hope this is a very special semester for you.