With help from The College of Southern Idaho, CSI Foundation, and the Student Senate, PACE is proud to sponsor an opportunity to recognize and appreciate an outstanding professional and classified staff member.  Any CSI full-time professional or classified employee is eligible for nomination.  An employee can only receive this award one time.  Employees that are nominated but do not receive the award can be re-nominated in future years.  Supervisors, employees, students or members of the College of Southern Idaho community are invited to nominate an individual for this award.  

And the Winners are...


PACE Classified Employee of the Year
Janet Jensen, Senior Account Technician

Business Office

This year’s Classified Employee of the Year has been with CSI for longer than most of us can remember (over 30 years).  She touches the lives of everyone on campus through her work in the Business Office.  She never hesitates to stay late to assist a colleague - whether it’s preparing a last minute travel advance for a faculty member or a financial aid check for a student needing to buy books.  She has been an asset to the CSI Foundation through facilitating their Foundation accounts.  She touches every employee on campus by preparing monthly payroll checks.  She will process over 25 million in checks each year.  And she does all these things with a smile and no thought to her own needs.

She has researched and investigated new and improved methods to help the Business Office run faster, smoother and more efficiently.  She often has had to train and learn new computer software on her own time and at her own expense.  She has been instrumental in creating an organized method for disbursing financial aid money  to students.  She attends professional conferences whenever possible to improve herself personally and professionally and to bring something back to encourage her departmental team.

She interacts with just about everyone on the CSI campus in one way or another, as well as representing CSI to our community by her interactions with vendors and others.  She has established an excellent rapport with several of these people, causing many to ask for her specifically.  She supports many community organizations, often participating in the Cancer Relay for Life campaign and other charities.  Always saving time for fun, she can also be seen organizing birthday parties in the Taylor Building.

She is a “behind the scenes” person who exemplifies the spirit of the CSI Family.

PACE Professional Employee of the Year
Sarah Harris, Life Science Laboratory Technician

The PACE Professional Employee of the Year has been with her Department since 1990, and they find her indispensable.  She is often the first to arrive and the last to depart.  She coordinates all laboratory activities, including lab preparation, work study supervision, bid acquisition, safety, and much more.  She has conducted training workshops, works with various agencies to insure protocols are up to date and in compliance with all governmental and environmental regulations.  She has earned the utmost respect and appreciation from all of the faculty.  She has often been called upon to step in and teach labs when instructors are sick or during the summer.  She has developed a handbook for work study students and a student advising notebook for the various programs within her department.  She has written or co-authored several successful mini-grants for departmental resources

Her benefit to CSI extends far beyond her own department however.  She once identified a problem with kestrels nesting in the new library gutters, so she had kestrel houses placed to encourage nesting in a less troublesome place.  It worked!   She takes classes, participates in staff organizations such as PACE and Faculty and Staff Development.  She has taught classes for all ages -- kids to adults.  She is an advocate for education and loves to interact with the students.  Students often seek her counsel when doing make up work, test preparation and review.  She takes the time to encourage students and enjoys the opportunity to interact with them.  
She has helped to develop, coordinate, and teach several field-oriented classes for biology majors.  She has accompanied professors and students to areas such as the Oregon Coast, Costa Rica, Baja, and has used her extensive knowledge as a faculty peer.  She has been a proponent of science in the community by teaching courses in Kids College, Science Camp, and Science TREK.  She has developed departmental displays for Student Senate activities highlighting our department, and will give a career orientation PowerPoint presentation to several groups of Magic Valley sixth graders this spring.  

Her distinctions are many and she deserves the utmost recognition provided by this award.