This week the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee (JFAC) will decide on community college budgets.  As I indicated to you earlier, considering the current economic conditions of the State of Idaho I would anticipate the budget committee following Governor Kempthorne’s  recommendation, which would be between 2 ˝ and 3%  for CSI.  These funds will be directed at paying for the increase of health insurance premiums and a 2% salary increase.   While this appropriation is not large enough to pay for both the health insurance costs and provide a 2% increase in salary, it certainly does provide us needed funds.  We anticipate offering contracts by the first of April which will reflect an increase in salary which we know is critical for each of you.  At this time we are not sure what the increase will be and will not know until all the revenue projections are in place, which includes tuition and fees and we are just beginning our conversations with our student leadership on this issue. 


Again this semester, we have welcomed an increase in the number of students and I appreciate your efforts in making their transition to college as positive as is possible.  I receive a number of calls and comments from family members or individuals who have been impacted by someone’s exceptional effort or courtesy.  I always feel great pride in you when I hear these comments.  In addition, I want to thank the members of our maintenance crew who have done a tremendous job keeping our campus in a condition which has allowed us to get around safely during these unusually heavy snow storms.   I know many times they have been here at 4:00a.m. to make sure it is easy for us to get to work and for our students to get to classes.  They should be commended for their hard work. 


I hope you all have a great second semester and I know we are all looking forward to sunshine and warm weather.






Spring 2004 In-Service


The Spring Semester of 2004 was kicked-off at Breakfast with President Meyerhoeffer on January 9th.


PACE had their first meeting of the year with presentations from President Meyerhoeffer, Mike Mason and Chris Bragg.  Chris McManaman awarded the 2003 Executive Committee with You Make a Difference key chains for their service and hard work in 2003 and introduced the New 2004 Executive Committee; Kim Fultz, Jayme Gudenau, Kim Prestwich, Magan Ruffing, and Eric Studebaker.  Chris McManaman and Dannette Starr will complete their 2nd year on the committee.


Justin Minden, Jaime Tigue & Judy Thom gave a presentation for the 30-Day Fitness Challenge which was also presented to the faculty at their in-service.   





The First Annual Holiday Party held on December 23rd was a great success.   The luncheon was attended by over 140 faculty and staff, all excited to start their holiday break.  We were glad to see everyone join in the fun and excitement.
In addition to a delicious lunch and the opportunity to visit with our co-workers, there was an ornament exchange and door prizes.  The best item on the agenda was when our very own Ed McMann (a.k.a. Elaine Bryant) and Carnac the Magnificent (a.k.a.  Graydon Stanley) paid a little visit to help lighten our holiday spirits with laughter.
We would like to thank President Meyerhoeffer for providing the great holiday meal and all of those that helped put this fun event together.


Deb Stuart                                               Canyon Building

Jennifer Zimmers                                    Matrix/Taylor

Machelle Doolittle                                  Matrix/Taylor

Nickie Aston                                            Matrix/Taylor

Dannette Starr                                         Taylor

Karen Slaugh                                           Taylor

Kathleen Drown                                       Matrix/Taylor

Bev Harper                                               Matrix/Taylor

Kim Fultz                                                   Taylor

John Martin                                               Taylor

Chris McManaman                                   Taylor

John Bottinger                                          Maintenance

Dale Mc Farland                                       Maintenance

Macho Rodriguez                                      Maintenance

Loren Rictor                                              Maintenance

Larry Tate                                                  Maintenance

Jose Vazquez                                              Maintenance              

Bob Blastock                                              Maintenance

Jim Howard                                                Maintenance


Executive Committee


The 2003 PACE Executive Committee is very excited to announce the new 2004 PACE Executive Committee Members:
Magan Ruffing
Eric Studebaker
Kim Fultz
Kim Prestwich
Jayme Gudenau


Continuing from the 2003 Executive Committee:
Dannette Starr
Chris McManaman
We look forward to all the great things in 2004!