To say this semester has flown by would be a gross understatement.
We are now enjoying the last two weeks before semester finals and
of course Christmas Vacation.  My thanks to each of you for all your
efforts on behalf of our students.

A couple of issues have recently come to light may be of interest to all
of us at the College of Southern Idaho.

We have now received documentation that our transfer students truly
achieve very competitively at our instate universities.  This news was
expected but now we have specific data that supports what we have
been saying for some time.  We really do provide our students a quality
educational experience.

In addition, our health insurance committee has decided that although
we are all concerned with our current health insurance it is probably
better for us to stay with our current state policy.  To change at this
time presents some risk and substantial additional employee contributions
to increase our coverage.  We will, however, continue to monitor our

Enjoy the Holiday Season.  My best to you and yours.