The Training Committee would like all members of PACE to remember there are funds available for professional development opportunities.

Staff recipients of Title III funds in Year 4 and Year 5 for Professional Development included:

Year 4
Chamber Leadership Training
Kathy Deahl
Ann Keane
Judy Thom

NOVA Distance Learning
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Year 5
Conference for Women
Magan Ruffing
Tina Standlee
Kim Fultz
Dawn Orr
Cynthia Simiano
Janet Jensen
Angie Standlee
Wendy Gates
Kami Kleinkopf
Leslee Treshow
Christy Ure
Ginger Nukaya
Mindy Hoskovec

Excelling as a First-Time Manager
Machelle Doolittle

PACE Inservice Training
Dr. Janet Mills (speaker fee plus expenses)

Consortium for Community College Development
Scott Scholes (leadership training)

Online Learning Conference
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PACE Mentoring Handbooks

In addition, a few other requests were granted by Curtis and Char as Title
III Administrator and Coordinator respectively. However, since the
conferences where held or are scheduled to be held after the grant
period ended on September 30, 2003...the College covered these expenses
at our request to ensure compliance with federal regulations. These

Joyce Moore and Sylvia Jensen.