My name is Seward "Boyd" Nelson,  everyone calls me "Boyd".  I moved to Idaho 3 years ago in October with my
wife Annette and Daughters Miranda and danielle.  I am a former USMC Gunnery SGT. and Vietnam Vet.  I was
Security Supervisor for the FAA at Twin Falls Airport then asked to be head of security for Dell Corporation here
in Twin Falls,  I love people and look frorward to meeting everyone, Staff and Students.

Security Officer

I was born and raised in Pocatello Idaho.  I am single and have 3 children.  Mike is a Marshall Arts
Instructor in Tacoma Washington, Scott is in the US Air Force and stationed in Germany and Tami works for
Quest in Idaho Falls. I started working at CSI as a Purchasing Agent for the Vo-Tech Department
in the Canyon building in 1999 and transferred to the security department in 2001.