Maintenance Happenings

Student Union Building
The SUB construction continues, with finish date being rightabout when school gets out for the holidays. It is exciting to see theproject reaching the finish work phase. This addition to the Taylor buildingwill really present a cool new look for the students. We should haveit all open and operational when they return for spring semester. It willbe quite a view looking north from the cafeteria. This will be a BIG building.

Herrett Addition
This two-phase project is comprised of the Rick Allen Hall,which is a large meeting room for 200 people named after the late RickAllen, of First Federal Bank. This facility is open and operational. Theobservatory portion of the project is still under construction, and slatedfor completion in January before spring semester starts. The project trulywill not be completed until the telescope is delivered and installed inMarch.

Fine Arts Addition
This project has just got underway this fall. It will featureclassrooms, offices, set production shop, and a theater with a loft atabout 77 feet high. To put that in perspective, the Fine Arts Auditoriumroof is only 38 feet high as it sets now. If you couple that loftinesswith a beautiful, expansive glass faced lobby, it is an understatementto say that this building will be a wonderful addition to our fine collectionof buildings on campus. Estimates for completion run from thirteen to eighteenmonths, or the day after Tony Mannen retires, whichever comes first.

Wood River
Recently our Wood River offices and classrooms have moved fromdowntown Hailey to the old Wood River High School. Old really doesnt describethis facility, as the former occupants flat outgrew it and built another.Joan Davies and her people have been settling in after being moved in bymany from our Maintenance crew.

Burley Testing Center
The old Home Ec room that has been the break room at the Mini-CassiaCenter is finding a new use in the near future. A testing center is beingconstructed to help ease the load here in the campus testing center. Thisshould be operational sometime in the spring semester.

Upper Northwest Office Cluster of the Taylor Building
In other words the old Admissions and Records, Financial Aidand Continuing Education offices are being converted and renovated intothe Student Newspaper Office, Information Offices, TLC, while the ContinuingEd office gets a facelift and a little more room. These are works in progress,and hopefully they will be completed this spring.

New Maintenance Department Employees
The following people are new to the Maintenance Department meaning this will be their first Christmas as a CSI Maintenance Employee:
Keith Anderson Electricians Helper
Loren Kelly Annis Part Time Custodian Child Care Center
Tamara Babyan Dorm Custodian
Bruce Cameron Security
Mike Dillon Shields Custodian
Jim Howard Grounds
Charlene McDonald Part Time Custodian Desert Building
Boyd Nelson Security
Join us in welcoming these folks to our CSI family!