Jack Spellerberg,

Fiscal Assistant
Office on Aging

 I was born in  Laramie, Wyoming and moved to Jerome when I was 14
years Old.  I grew up in a farm and ranch environment and after
graduating from
Jerome High School, I intended farm for my living.  I later graduated
from Twin Falls Business College, and have worked for several Magic
Valley businesses as an Office Manager or Accountant.  I eventually did
get a 40 Acre farm, but my biggest benefit from it is fresh air and exercise!
At age 53, I began attending tax and accounting classes on CSI campus.
I was able to meet the requirements for, and pass the CPA Exam in May of
2000 and was licensed as a CPA on July 1, 2002.  I have an office at 317
Blue Lakes Blvd., where I practice public accounting and tax preparation
on a part time bias.  I am very happy to be a part of the CSI staff, and
am looking forward to a fulfilling remainder of my career