(each month featuring one or two departments within the Maintenance Department, and what they are up to)

April 9, 2004 –

Spring has sprung and the CSI Maintenance - Grounds Department is busy with the normal chores associated with spring, plus some abnormal projects brought on by the additions of the Herrett Observatory and the SUB; Weed spraying, flower bed preparations for graduation flower planting, sprinkler system start ups and repairs to the same from a long, cold winter, Expo set ups and tear downs – not to mention landscape planning for the new buildings are all on the “things to do list”, among others.

The folks working in our grounds department work hard to keep our campus looking beautiful year around. Rain, snow or shine – they are out there making things nice for all of us. Kudos to them all for what they do and how they do it!


Our HVAC Department is doing great big things in regard to the heating and cooling of our new buildings. Supervisor Allen Scherbinski, Control Gurus John Thomas, Jim Braga and Greg Lowe have planned, purchased, installed and operated the controls for the delivery of a theoretically perfect temperature environment (realizing of course that we all have varying internal - personal thermostats) in the SUB and Herrett additions. Our hats are off to these folks for the jobs they do for us here at the College of Southern Idaho, and the attention they give to this very important detail of our work lives.