Meeting May 24, 2002 9:00 am

Center for New Directions


Executive Members in attendance

Tina Standlee

Cindy Flowers

Maghan Ruffing

Bev Harper

Joyce Moore

Katie Cutler

Ann Flanery


Representatives in attendance

Kat Powell/Catrina Chapple    

Sandy Wapinski

LaVonne Albers

Christy Jerke

Carolee Perry

Eldora Walker

Tama Bolton

Svetlana Schuckert

Karen Griffith

Joan Drown

Dan Daggett

Ann Keane

Carma Koyle Replaces Annette Braegger from Burley


Training Committee Report

            Tama Bolton talked about Barbara Knudson’s Brown Bag Lunch Meeting

            Joyce Moore--Customer Service Training—June 25 am and June 27 pm

                        Name changed to CSI Success Training Room 276

            Talked a little about WOW—Ann Flanery talked about Sheila Hope-Palmer

                                                            Tina Standlee talked about Janet Jensen

Fund Raising Committee Report

            Eldora Walker spoke about printing a Cookbook with cardboard covers, the cost to print is about $2 then we will sell them for $5.  The cookbook will need to be to the printers by August 1, to be back by October in time for the CSI Harvest Festival.  Jaon Drown will proofread.

                        Suggested a Fall Raffle—Art students will donate paintings; Cabinetmaking will donate a cutting board; Welding students will donate a Sun; and several other items suggested were an afghan, quilt, and plants


Mentoring Committee—Employee Support

            WOW card

            It was noted that Danette Starr is a mentor for new employees interest in Campus Tours through the Student Information Office


Communication Committee—Cindy Flowers told us about the Newsletter; where it is located on our website and the information included:  President’s Corner, CSI Trivia corner, what CSI offers its employees the Brown Bag Lunch and Success Training

            Cindy also spoke about the E-mail for maintenance employees needs to go through Randy Dill and John Bottinger

            Thank you for Graduation


Tina Standlee—Misc

            Sandy Wapinski—Advancement for Degrees—at least recognition from PACE for the employees’ achievement of their degrees.  That would be something at least we could put in the newsletter. 

            Employee Recognition Day

            LaVonne Albers—spoke about of some employees that have not been acknowledged for their “years of service.”  This needs to be brought to President Meyerhoeffer’s attention.


            Ann Flanery—Communication—Don’t wait for meetings—DO IT NOW!!!

            Tina—open the representative meetings

                        Also spoke about the PACE committee members serve a one year term and it was suggested that we have a BIG party in December to say Good-bye/Thank you and Welcome to the new members.  This would also be one of our General Meetings.


Also suggested amending the By-Laws


Meet with Graydon—Community Day—PACE representatives to help—Aug 24-25

            Peak Times in areas—need more people

            Low times—see what areas need help  Go to supervisors first!


Make up Birthday cards—Note cards—birthday list—full time/part time—THINK ABOUT IT!!!