Meeting June 21, 2002 9:00 am
Taylor Room 277

Executive Members in attendance
Tina Standlee
Cindy Flowers
Maghan Ruffing
Bev Harper
Katie Cutler
Ann Flanery

Representatives in attendance
Catrina Chapple/Kat Powell
Ima Head/LaVonne Albers
Christy Jerke
Terry Park
Joan Drown
Linda Roberts/Dan Daggett
Sandy Wapinski

Tour of Campus was put on hold at this time
Training Committee Report
Tina talked about Barbara Knudson's Brown Bag Lunch Meeting, how it was a good meeting and everyone should attend
Talked a little about WOW
Fund Raising Committee Report
Maghan spoke about the CookBook-deadline for recipes June 30
Katie brought a donation for the raffle-Metal Sun

Mentoring Committee-Employee Support
WOW card
Communication Committee-Cindy Flowers told us about the Newsletter; where it is located on our website and the information included: President's Corner, CSI Trivia corner, Answer to Trivia question is on E-notes
Cindy also spoke about the E-mail for maintenance employees needs to go through Randy Dill and John Bottinger
Thank you for Graduation

Employee Recognition-PACE will share responsibilities with President's Office, Human Resource Office/Barbara Knudsen, and PACE.

Ann Flanery-Communication-Don't wait for meetings-DO IT NOW!!!
Birthday recognition-Mentoring/support group-ideas
Set the PACE award each term? Part of the in-service-Maghan-send out nominations-President Meyerhoeffer has "final say"
Two staff members per term will receive an extra day of vacation and dinner for two

Listen for "feedback from CSI Success Seminar