Meeting July 29, 2002 9:00 am
Taylor Room 277

Executive Members in attendance
Ann Flanery
Cindy Flowers
Maghan Ruffing
Bev Harper
Joyce Moore

Representatives in attendance
Kat Powell
Dan Daggett
Ann Keane
Eldora Walker
LaVonne Albers
Steve Revas
Christy Jerke
Sandy Wapinski
Carolee Perry
Joyce Unger/Sue Wood
Tama Bolton
Terry Park

Tour of Campus was put on hold at this time
Thank you notes to several people who have been good to PACE
Judy Thom spoke to us about volunteering to help with United Way. She told us about the duties that the representative would have. Spoke on how to communicate with the people on campus regarding United Way. See how PACE, as a committee, can help with United Way. Acknowledge by August meeting-Captain/Co-Captain.

Maghan spoke about the In-service "Bounce Back"
Shirts for in-service were distributed
Registration via e-mail
State of Address-Ann Flanery and Tina Standlee
By-Laws need to be approved-put out on the Web site-as approved
Who is represented at the General Meeting-pass the by-laws out at breakfast vote on them at the barbecue Joyce suggested vote at breakfast send out by-laws-e-notes, website, and hard copies on the tables.
Helpers-We need all of the helpers we can get at the in-service
Name tags
Attendance-By-Laws-"HIGH PRIORITY

Reports for each Committee
Training Committee Report

Fund Raising Committee Report

Mentoring Committee-Employee Support-Kat Powell spoke about Mentoring some of the new employees that have been hired this year. If each one of us volunteers to take and follow-up one new employee it would help.
Joyce spoke about the WOW cards-we have given out about 15 per month since we have started-this is a good thing

Communication Committee-