Meeting April 19, 2002 9:00 am

Members in attendance
Tina Standlee
Cindy Flowers
Maghan Ruffing
Bev Harper
Joyce Moore
Katie Cutler
Ann Flanery

Representatives in attendance
Joan Drown
Kat Powell
Sandy Wapinski
Ginger Nukaya
LaVonne Albers
Christy Jerke
Eldora Walker
Lou McManaman
Jan Pollard
Tama Bolton
Svetlana Schuckert
Maria Anderson
Ann Keane
Annette Braegger
Deb Mittelstadt

Thank you note to Katie Cutler for treats for the meeting
Coffee Break or Ice Cream Social within the next 30 days
Maghan Employee Picnic Faculty/Staff development
Suggested we make display boards representing PACE
Talked about WOW
Talked about a newsletter

Talk about the four ways of handling problems and organizing ways to approach the problems

Break into four groups/commmittees to handle the problems
Scholarship Committee:
Fund Raising Committee

Communication Committee
Mentoring Committee
Joyce, Terry, Debra, Ginger, Kat
Employee of the term
Greeting new employees
Taking new employees around campus to introduce them to others and campus
"Perks" - Judy Thom
Friend on Campus - Ina's book
"Building Buddy"
Field Trips
WOW PACE representative award-keep a log on what the WOW was-talk about it at the next meeting
Training Committee
Tama, Lou, Annette, Bev, LaVonne
Campus Awareness - Tour of Campus
Student Information
Dept/Office Orientation
Outreach roadtrip
Cross training service for PACE members
Awareness of signage and Maps
Thank you note for each meeting

Committees met to discuss ways they can be successful

Set up next meeting May 24, because of busy end-of-semester. We will be back on track for meetings in June