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PACE Mentoring History

When the PACE committee was initially formed in February of 2002, decisions had to be made about how to address concerns of CSI staff members. One need that was identified was the need to help new staff members feel a part of the CSI community upon beginning their employment. We wanted to be the “Welcome Wagon” for CSI. There were so many terrific hidden benefits of working for CSI; we wanted to share that knowledge with the new employees. Therefore, the main functions when developing the mentoring process was to address:

  1. Providing information to learn about the resources and benefits of being a CSI employee both on and off campus.
  2. The opportunity to meet other staff members.
  3. Give a tour of the campus to assure each employee knows the location of each building and which staff member to connect with that facility.
  4. Finally, the give the new employee a contact outside of their department to ease networking capabilities.

Once these functions were agreed upon, a PACE mentoring hand out was developed to provide an outline for both mentors and those being mentored. Within the first year PACE mentored 16 new employees. As CSI grows, more and more individuals are mentored and the need for mentors also increases. The goal to make new employees feel like a part of our CSI Community still rests on those of us who are the CSI community.