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Welcome to PACE

PACE was born in 2002. PACE is an acronym for Professional and Classified Employees and serves as an official voice to the College of Southern Idaho’s non-teaching, non-administrative employees.

Every professional and classified employee, both full and part time, are automatically members of PACE. From these members the various Reps for each building or dept. are chosen. This can be by vote, volunteer or rotation. Each building/dept. chooses the best method for their area. The 7 member Exec committee also comes from these members by the nomination and election process. The By-Laws explain several functions of PACE.

PACE is a wonderful opportunity for our classified and professional employees to get together, network and stay “in the know” about things going on at this wonderful campus of ours. The PACE organization sponsors, along with a myriad of other activities, Brown Bags, Employees of the Year (one professional and one classified), Monthly Newsletters, Tours, Trainings, and WOW cards. From time to time we are asked to take surveys regarding campus issues and report the results to the President and/or the Board of Trustees.

President Fox is the advisor for PACE. He is very supportive of our program and the things we do.

During December 2005, Carlos Bittencourt created the color scheme and layout of the PACE website. Recently RD Van Noy has been tidying up the appearance of the site. PACE is grateful to all the hours both have spent making the site appealing and easy to navigate.

By Ann Keane